Freaky-Fab Fashion with Frankie

A picture is worth a thousand screams, or so they say, at least. Recently, my friends and I were horrified to learn that we had only one evening to come up with the most voltageous picture day outfits ever! I mean, these would be the pictures that represented us in the fearbook for, like, an eternity! They had to be just right. Luckily, I was able to rely on my freaky-fab beasties to pull together the most magnetic outfit I’ve seen in centuries (my ghouls lurked pretty amazing, too). If you’re dying to piece together the perfect picture day outfit, consider following these sinister style tips:

• Wear colors that flatter you! Every guy and ghoul has a different color pallette that flatters. I gravitate toward blues and greens while Draculaura totally hearts pink and black.

• Don’t rely on anything too trendy. As quick as something is in, it can be so out so keep the trendy items and accessories to a minimum. Remember your picture lasts forever, so wear something classic and timeless.

• Trust your ghouls when they tell you how freaky-fab you look! A slumber party fashion show really is the beast way to get a group of trusted opinions on your new outfit.

But most important is to always remember to Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster. The most important opinion about your style is yours! Be the fangtastic ghoul you know you are and your school picture will be voltage time and time again.


Monster High Goes Dark, Robecca Saves Day

For those of you still reeling from last week’s major technology spook, staffers at the MH Gory Gazette have compiled a list of Robecca’s most riveting tips for crafting work technology free:

• Don’t rely on your iCoffin as your timepiece. A creeperific wrist watch to match every outfit will leave you freaky-fierce and always fashionably on time.

• Clawculators may seem speedy, but they sure take the fun out of functional! Try an abacus once in a while. If they were good enough for the ancients, they’re good enough for me!

• Headphones are great for music on-the-go, but nothing beats an impromptu live performance with friends in the quad.

• Like my ghoul Venus always says “Go Green!” We don’t need bright overhead lights 24/7. If your power is down, enjoy your favorite activities by candlelight (safely, of corpse).

• Unplug every once in a while. Every monster just needs a minute now and again to power down, tune up and reboot! You’ll thank me later.


SO CUTE!! I love her!!

(The episode with Emily Anne from We Stop Hate)

Help stop hate.



Omg!!! the dead tired style!!! i love love it!!!! Abbey is so cute!!!!!!

Monster High™ - Game of DeNile (by MonsterHigh)

I hope they make this Abbey!!

3 Nov

I just found this.


Monster High - Theme Song - Polska

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Monster High International!


Volume 2 Episode 29

Phantom of The Opry


Kind: The Shockumentary

Check out the Kind Campaign girls!

They would make the best dolls! They’d also help raise awareness of the Kind campaign.

1 Oct

Monster High costumes & more at Party City.


Volume 2 Episode 27

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