31 Dec

And I anyone is still wondering if I am still selling MH dolls, yes I am.

  • Basic Draculaura
  • Basic Frankie
  • Basic Duece
  • DotD Cleo
  • DotD Clawdeen
  • GB Frankie
  • GB Cleo
  • GB Clawdeen
  • Draculaura’s bed coffin and Sweet 1600 car.

My ask box will be open for any questions on prices.

*This list get updated when ever a doll is available or unavailable for price discussion.

31 Dec
One last goodbye.

Well hello everyone. It has been a while, hasn’t it. I do have some news. Now it pains me to say it but yes, I am no longer running this blog. I had a few month break from this blog due to school and now, I just don’t think I can run it any longer. One of the main reasons, besides school, is that I think I just fell out of this fandom. I have no more interest in the dolls or webisodes/movies.

I had an amazing two years with this blog. This was my first fandom blog, my first blog to reach over 1k followers and my longest running blog (besides my personal) and I want to thank all my friends I met here. You guys were the sweetest and it pains me to say bye to you.

But if you truly wish to keep in contact, I do run an Ever After High blog here,royalorrebel.tumblr.com  Or if you like contact me on my personal here, schmidtmcstudmuffin.tumblr.com.

Thank you again for the wondrous memories, and chats and experiences with all of you. Don’t forget to be yourself, be unique, be fabulous and be a Monster.


22 Aug
Good bye, ghouls. I start college again.

This blog is now on hiatus.


SDCC 2013 Recap Unearthed

Think this year’s San Diego Comic-Con festivities are already locked tight in the catacombs? Think again, Monster High!

This thrilling new video was unearthed this morning, revealing coffin loads of insider deets about this freaky-fab event. For monsters lucky enough to be on the convention room floor this year, make sure you watch to relive your favorite moments! For student bodies who were unable to materialize in San Diego, this will be just the inside lurk you’ve been screaming of all summer. Special fangs to HH Bloodgood and Ghoulia Yelps for making this freak-peek possible!

21 Aug
fitting-in-is-so-out: Your tumblr is awesome! I love it! Monster High rules! & I'm also a Cleuse shipper & Cleo is my fav ghoul :)) <3

Thank you and yes Cleo is the best


Gigi Grant in the 13 Wishes trailer.

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15 Aug

eeveeweevee :

basically, someone made an account about a month and a half ago, posted nothing but reblogs of vampire stuff and giveaways  and then about two days ago, posted they were selling their entire collection to help them get to college on the other side of the US for about $15 each, including original basic lines. she also listed all the comicon exclusives for around $40(said she never missed a year and had them all listed. kinda odd for someone needing money to go to that area if they can go for comicon every year…) she also had ridiculous rules about how you had to message her to get what you wanted, and she absolutely could not get any photos.

then, after collecting a decent amount of money they deleted their account(last night) and everyone realizes it was a scam.

I made a post all about it for anyone looking for more info.

15 Aug
Anonymous: What is that scammer thing about? Out of the loop

I have no prier knowledge, but some one was selling dolls and now her account is gone. People are mad and want their money back. That is all I know.



If any of you were as stupid as I was to be scammed by that girl, CALL PAYPAL Customer Service and get an actual person.

I did and they started a dispute and froze the funds.  They will refund my money in ten days if that scammer doesn’t respond and cooperate.

They also said if they get MORE CALLS in relation to this, they will definitely refund all money.  SO PLEASE, call them and tell them you tried to buy collectible dolls and that you were scammed.  Make sure to tell them that others have called or will be calling for the same reason.

And forget me ever trusting anything but official transactions again, faith in people once again chipped away to near nothing.


11 Aug
Anonymous: what is the difference between sold and unavailable? i thought you said you weren't reserving or holding anything and that it was available until payment was received?

Sold is when I have the payment in my Paypal account. Unavailable is when I have a buyer who is interested and are very close to payment. This sale is a “first come, first serve” process. If I said something else that confused you, I’m sorry.

11 Aug
Anonymous: Ur shipping prices are ridiculous and unrealistic. Somebody somewhere messed up. i would double check if i were u. unless u live on some remote tiny island.

The reason for the price of shipping is because I’m using priority mail form my post office.

11 Aug
Basic Frankie is UNAVAILABLE.
11 Aug

Here are the dolls and range of prices I want are below.

Good Condition (Bold) = ranging from $15 to  $20

Missing accessories/limbs a bit weird (Astrid) = $10 to $15

Other outfit packs (bullet) = $5 


Shipping within the US= $12.35 || Shipping internationally= (Canada) $40.95 (Other)$59.95

Basic Wave Frankie*

Basic Wave Draculaura

Basic Wave Clawdeen

Basic Wave Deuce*

Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen

Dawn of the Dance Cleo

Gloom Beach Frankie

Gloom Beach Clawdeen

Gloom Beach Cleo

Gloom Beach Ghoulia

Draculaura’s Coffin Bed

Draculaura’s Sweet 1600 Car

  • Deuce Casketball uniform
  • Lagoona Swimteam uniform
  • Frankie Fearleading uniform

Allaccessories are included (pets/bags/brushes). First come, first serve. 

Shipping internationally.